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There isn't anything as serious as faulty wiring in your home with your family's safety always in mind. Please remember, most townships and cities in the surrounding areas limit average consumers from performing wiring upgrades. Rynard's Electrical offers unsurpassed warranty on service upgrades and peace of mind !

Part of the responsibility of owning a home is keeping up with the upgrades to your home. Don’t mistake these for superficial upgrades such as countertops or hardwood flooring. These upgrades are necessary for reasons that include not only your safety, your family’s safety but also your ability to obtain homeowner insurance, which is necessary if you hold a mortgage as well as for your peace of mind. One of the most important upgrades to consider as a homeowner is your electrical wiring. At Rynard's Electrical, we encourage homeowners in and around Newville, PA to have your electrical wiring checked regularly, and to have it upgraded when necessary.

Why You Need To Consider an Upgrade

Why does Rynard's Electrical recommend you look into upgrading your electrical wiring ? Our answer is simple; your family’s safety is important. Faulty wiring and old wiring is very dangerous and can cause significant damage to your home. For example, if your home is a bit older and was built with aluminum or knob and tube wiring, you are going to want to consider upgrading.

You might have heard that knob and tube wiring is actually a cut above today’s wiring standards, you’re not wrong. When it is correctly installed, it is better-quality. However, oftentimes it’s not and it does tend to breakdown after decades of utilization. One of the biggest concerns surrounding this older wiring is the fact that it does not have a ground conductor. This means switches using neutral wiring aren't capable of turning off the current when turning off the circuit.

The cost of repairs needed from this type of issue is often astronomical. Before your home requires a full rewiring, have Albrite Electric take a look at your wiring. You might be able to have a partial rewiring done to ensure your home is safer than ever.

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